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Dr. Okoroji offers urgent care services through his Nature Coast Healthcare Center for Tallahassee, Florida and the surrounding communities. He believes that all people should have access to urgent care, especially those who are pregnant, have had children or who suffer from pain, depression, or anxiety.

Urgent Care Q & A

What is an Urgent Care Situation?

An urgent care situation is any medical need that cannot wait for a regularly scheduled appointment. That may be a situation that involves pain or a concern with a pregnancy. The rules of what is and what is not an urgent care situation are not strict. Dr. Okoroji wants to always err on the side of caution so that every person receives the care they need. Many times in pregnancy symptoms are vague and how we interpret those symptoms differs. A professional examination of a potentially urgent medical issue is the best way to determine if your need is urgent.

What Can I Expect During an Urgent Care Appointment?

The focus on each urgent care appointment is the symptoms of concern. We focus on diagnostics so that we can make an informed decision about how we treat whatever may be the issue. Patients should expect a consultation with the doctor, a series of tests, including lab work, scans, and monitoring. Dr. Okoroji may use all of those tools or none of them to diagnose the cause of your symptoms. What will happen is that you will receive the best care possible. Dr. Okoroji and the staff at the Nature Coast Healthcare Center practice make sure that you understand the situation and diagnosis.

Is it Common to Need an Urgent Care Appointment?

It is not common, but pregnancy, for example, is different for every woman. Normal pregnancies are uncomplicated, but not every pregnancy is normal. For women's health issues, urgent care is also not common, but issues do arise that cause urgent medical needs. These may involve common illnesses such as the flu or something such as breast pain or finding a lump in your breast. Those sorts of situations are urgent and you should never hesitate to call the practice and talk with an advice nurse.


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