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Dr. Okoroji recognized the dangers of STDs in association with family health. He is a board certified doctor with many years experience. He provides family and OB/GYN services through his Tallahassee Nature Coast Healthcare Center practice.

STD Testing Q & A

When Should I Have an STD Test?

The answer to that question is dependent upon many factors. Everyone who is over the age of 13 should be tested for HIV at least once. For people who are sexually active and who do not practice safe sex, then an HIV test should be administered annually. Annual STD tests should be given to all adults who are 25 years or younger and should include gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia. Everyone else who is sexually active, whether they are in a committed relationship or not, should consider periodic STD testing.

What Are the Risks of Not Getting an STD Test?

The risks can be severe and may include death. Death is not caused by the STD itself, but from complications associated with it. A good example of this type of STD is HIV, which does not kill you, but instead weakens your immune system to the point that common ailments cause your death.

For most of us, the risks are not that severe, though an untreated STD has consequences. Those may include birth defects or complications to pregnancy and may include not being able to become pregnant. Another example of secondary issues is with untreated syphilis. In advanced cases of syphilis, there are brain lesions which can cause all types of problems including slurred speech and nerve damage.

The risks of not getting tested for an STD are too high to avoid testing.

Why Do STD Tests Seem So Personal?

Most people do not like to talk about their sexual history, especially young people and women. Dr. Okoroji is very kind and compassionate. There is no judgment when it comes to caring for a patient's health. Many STD tests are performed right in the office so there is usually no need to go to a lab for blood tests. What is worse than talking with Dr. Okoroji about a possible STD is having one that is undiagnosed and untreated. 

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