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Life is hectic enough without having to schedule hospital time for simple gynecological procedures. When you need a diagnosis, evaluation, or minor surgery, the expert team at Nature Coast Women's Care & Family Medicine in Tallahassee, Florida, can treat you at the office. For state-of-the-art gynecological care, schedule an appointment online or over the phone today.

Office Gynecological Procedures Q & A

What kinds of gynecological procedures can I get at the office?

At Nature Coast Women's Care & Family Medicine, the team performs evaluations and treatments — including minor surgeries — right at their comfortable office. Some in-office procedures they offer include:

  • Endosee® hysteroscopy evaluations
  • Novasure® nonsurgical endometrial ablation
  • DYSIS® colposcopy evaluations
  • Urodynamic testing of the urinary tract

Nature Coast Women's Care & Family Medicine also offers a full array of OB/GYN services.

What is a hysteroscopy?

A hysteroscope is a tiny, flexible instrument that’s inserted into your cervix during a hysteroscopy so that your Nature Coast Women's Care & Family Medicine physician can evaluate or operate on your uterus and endometrium. To get a diagnosis, your doctor uses the Endosee® hysteroscope. The advantages of using an Endosee hysteroscope to get a diagnosis include:

  • It’s comfortable
  • It takes only a few minutes
  • The tubes are single-use
  • It’s highly accurate
  • It makes the procedure less expensive

Your Nature Coast Women's Care & Family Medicine surgeon can use a hysteroscope to perform minor surgeries in the office, such as removing benign growths or endometrial tissue.

What is NovaSure nonsurgical endometrial ablation?

Novasure nonsurgical endometrial ablation is a procedure that removes your uterine lining. The uterine lining is a common cause for producing abnormally heavy periods and menstrual pain. With this procedure, your doctor precisely delivers radiofrequency energy into your uterus for one to two minutes to remove the tissue.  

What is a DYSIS colposcopy evaluation?

If you have an abnormal PAP smear, your Nature Coast Women's Care & Family Medicine professional uses a DYSIS colposcope to examine your cervix, vagina, and vulvar tissues for the presence of precancerous tissues or genital warts. The DYSIS colposcope features advanced imaging and mapping capabilities that increase accuracy.

Why would I need urodynamic testing?

If you’re having problems with incontinence, urodynamic testing lets your physician pinpoint the cause. Urodynamic testing also helps identify the cause of chronic urinary tract infections. Urodynamic tests range from observation to using sophisticated instruments to evaluate function and organ integrity.  

If you need an expert gynecological team on your side, schedule an appointment with Nature Coast Women's Care & Family Medicine online or over the phone today.

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