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If you’ve been told you have a high-risk pregnancy because of your age, a medical condition, or because you’re expecting more than one baby, you want the most knowledgeable and expert OB/GYNs on your team. The experienced team at Nature Coast Healthcare Center in Tallahassee, Florida, specializes in high-risk obstetrics, including vaginal birth after a cesarean section. If you want quality care for yourself and your baby, from pregnancy to delivery, book an appointment online or over the phone today.

High Risk Obstetrics Including Vbac Q & A

What is high-risk obstetrics?

High-risk obstetrics is the prenatal care and delivery of a child in a situation where the mother or baby has complications that require extra attention. You may need an OB/GYN who specializes in high-risk obstetrics if you:

  • Are under age 17 or over age 35
  • Have a pre-existing medical condition
  • Have a history of problems during pregnancy or delivery
  • Had prior miscarriages
  • Have a personal or family history of genetic disorders
  • Are carrying more than one baby

Certain conditions that may develop during pregnancy could also put you in the high-risk category. These include:

  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Premature labor
  • Placenta previa
  • Fetal problems

If any of these conditions apply to you, or you’re concerned they might apply to you, make sure you see the expert team at Nature Coast Healthcare Center.  

What if I’m not yet pregnant, but I might be high-risk?

If you have a medical condition or other risk factors for a high-risk pregnancy, you should come to Nature Coast Healthcare Center for a preconception appointment. Your doctor will discuss the steps you can take to optimize your chances for a healthy and uneventful delivery. Your doctor may suggest:

  • Adding more whole foods to your diet
  • Getting more exercise
  • Taking at least 400 mcg of folic acid daily
  • Making sure you’re up-to-date with immunizations
  • Quitting smoking

Once you’re pregnant, it will be extra important for you to see the team at Nature Coast Healthcare Center regularly so they can monitor your baby’s development and ensure that both of you are safe.

Why is a VBAC considered high-risk?

A VBAC — which stands for vaginal birth after cesarean — can pose a risk, though they’re normally safe. If your doctor delivered your child through a cesarean section, your uterus was incised and stitched. Your uterine wall is therefore weaker than normal and at a slightly higher risk for rupture during labor and delivery. However, in 90% of cases, women can safely have a vaginal delivery after having a cesarean section.

If you’re interested in a VBAC, your doctor at Nature Coast Healthcare Center examines you to be sure your uterus is strong enough for a vaginal delivery. You may not be eligible for a VBAC if you:

  • Had more than two low transverse cesarean deliveries
  • Have uterine scars that are not related to a cesarean section
  • Experienced prior uterine rupture  
  • Have uterine abnormalities

If you need high-risk obstetric expertise, book an appointment with the caring team at Nature Coast Healthcare Center online or over the phone today.

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