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Dr. Okoroji is a family medicine and OB/GYN board certified doctor who serves Tallahassee and the surrounding communities with services such as flu shots through his Nature Coast Healthcare Center practice.

Flu Shot Q & A

Do I need a Flu Shot Every Year?

The short answer to that question is that yes, you do need a flu shot every year. The reason why is that each year the expected cases of flu types change. There are around 50 different types of flu virus and each causes different types of flu. The flu shot you received last year was for the types of flu that health experts expected to reach epidemic levels that year. So the flu shot that is available this year is for a different set of flu viruses.

When Should I Not Receive a Flu Shot?

Almost everyone is okay to receive a flu shot, however, there are a few exceptions. Children who are less than six months of age should not receive a flu shot. People who have immunosuppressed disorders should not receive a flu shot without their doctor's permission. People who are allergic to eggs should check with their doctor about whether or not to receive the annual flu shot. If you are concerned about whether or not to get a flu shot, talk with Dr. Okoroji.

What About the Risks Associated with Vaccines?

While there has been a lot of discussion about vaccines and the health dangers that are portrayed by the media, major medical groups continue to support vaccination. You may have heard that there is mercury in vaccines and that is partially true. Not all vaccines contain mercury. Mercury is added to vaccines only when the container is for multiple usages. It is a preservative. Also of note with mercury, there are several types of mercury. The mercury that is used in vaccines is not the same mercury that they use in thermometers and is therefore not as great a danger to people who receive their annual flu shot. In short, studies have shown that vaccines are safe.

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