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Dr. Okoroji is a family and OB/GYN physician who provides a range of family health services, including annual physicals to Tallahassee and the surrounding communities. He works from his practice, Nature Coast Healthcare Center, to provide comprehensive care to women and families.

Annual Physicals Q & A

Why Do I Need an Annual Physical?

Annual physicals are an excellent tool for both patients and physicians. The annual physical is a starting point for you to identify health goals and as a check-in point for measuring the results of past health goals. Maybe your goal last year was to lose 20 pounds. This year, you and Dr. Okoroji can track your progress, discuss your results, and if needed, refocus your motivation so that you continue to work toward that goal. If you are new to making health goals, then this year's annual physical is the perfect place to get started.

What Should I Discuss with Dr. Okoroji During My Annual Physical?

The annual physical is primarily a place where measurements are taken. Those include weight, flexibility, vital signs, and so on. You should bring up any symptoms that you have or health concerns that you may have. A common set of topics includes nutrition, diet, exercise, weight loss, and smoking cessation. There are other topics that are less general. Those may include genetics, family health histories, and concerns about aging. Dr. Okoroji is very open to discussing health-related topics with his patients. Feel free to start a conversation about any health-related topic.

What if I Had a Physical Through My Work?

Work physicals and annual physicals are not the same things, though they are often both referred to as an annual physical. Your annual physical through Dr. Okoroji is focused more on your entire health picture. Your work physical is usually focused on making sure you are fit enough to do your job safely. The difference is that your annual health physical is more comprehensive than your work physical and for that reason, you should always have a health physical. Plus, your health physical is a perfect time to make lifestyle changes.

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